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simply amazing.

And that’s what I am looking for. In some of my next posts I will post about what other people truly love doing. It maybe something they do to perhaps express themselves.

Anyone can express him/herself through writing, painting, dancing or just about anything. It can be therapeutic and as well as fun! Plus doing it with other people can make it so much more fun :).

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My habit of reading started when I was about 10. My father used to bring Young Times, which was a weekly magazine for kids and teens. Then we subscribed to it and I used to get excited every Tuesday picking it up from my door mat. I remember I used to prefer reading stories that used to be published in YT rather than story books at my school library. During my teens many of my articles and poems were published in YT. One of the poems are even published at this blog, titled “A Silent Cry’. I once wrote an article after I got to know a student killed himself after he failed in his class. So I wrote about how students should have hope and dying isn’t really a way out. It was well appreciated by my English teacher, Mam Norma. (Due to reasons unknown (perhaps recession in 2009?) Young Times was stopped being published. I still miss it!)

Recently I read a post on the blog positiveprovocations.com about heart centered blogging. Since I too have started a blog I was interested as to what it’s writer, Zeenat, had to say. Overall what she meant was that instead of writing a blog mainly for the purpose of money we should focus on writing what interests us and then consider the financial part. Because if what we write comes from the heart, has to be interesting.

Her article gave me some kind of perspective about what I could write here. 

Since I have grown up reading magazines like Young Times, Young World (in Pakistan) , Campus Journal (used to be published by university students back in U.A.E.), Teens magazine (in Pakistan), Readers’  Digest etc, I still prefer reading magazines to books. I would also want to publish my own magazine someday. I haven’t really planned anything about it, though. I usually write when I feel like and when I am free because firstly I am an accountancy student so there are other deadlines to meet too.

Najma Aijaz, 5th March 2012 

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My Mask

I wake up in the morning and wear a mask as my covering.

(After that) I smile, even with my eyes. In this fake world no one notices, it’s a lie.

Wearing my mask, allows my heart to become shielded so that there’s no hurt detected.

I talk, I laugh, I socialize. I listen to people criticize.

Living simple and being yourself is out of style, so I wear a mask all the while.

At night, before going to sleep, I remove my mask (damaged by now). I repair it for tomorrow.

I go to sleep being myself assuming that mayb I am one of those who just donnot know how to live.

Najma Aijaz

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