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Dear readers,

This post is written by a classmate, friend, person I know since school, a very good friend and a very nice person. He has guest posted for my blog. I personally loved reading his post and the message that he’s conveying here.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, I start this post.


“On the road I saw a small girl, cold and shivering in a tattered dress, with no home, no family and little hope. I became angry and said to God: Why did you let this happen? Why don’t you do something?


For a while God said nothing, then that night he quietly replied, ‘I did do something- I made you.”


The above isn’t written by me. I read it and thought of using it. I will first apologize about the fact that what I am going to write might not be very coherent. There is a lot to be said, and I am not sure how to say it.

I look around me, and I see the world waiting for a hero. For a messiah. I look around me and I see tears. And I see people waiting for someone to come and rub them. I look around me and I see questions. Questions that aren’t yet answered. I look within me and realize, if not me then who? If not now, then when?

All of us have a lot of potential and this mainly goes out to the youth and to me first. Get off the couch and start doing something. Having good intentions is great, but what is the point of it if you are not following it with good actions. It is time for us to play our roles and take on responsibility. It is time for us to be doing things instead of just reacting to things happening around us.

Before fulfilling our roles I would want to talk about role models. When I look at my generation and the kids younger to me, one reason we youth are where we are, is because we have the wrong role models. Movie stars, singers, and people who will do anything to get popular – why are these our role models? What happened to Gandhi and Churchill and Malcolm X? More importantly, what happened to Muhammad [Peace Be upon Him], oh young Muslims? Why isn’t he our role models? Why isn’t Abu Bakr, Umar Farooq, Ayesha, Khadija our role models? Why do boys know everything about Brad Pitt and nothing about Bilal, and girls know everything about Aishwarya but nothing about Aasiya? Have the right role models. Know your role models and suddenly your role in life becomes clearer.

Our role in life:

I am a Muslim youth and what I am writing will be mainly for them. Please get rid of the desi mentality that many of our families and extended families have, of being religious when you come of age. That age being 40+ [or even more]. Our role in life is to please Allah. That doesn’t mean you do not do anything worldly [or for this dunia]. Do it in a way that you are not going to compromise on your religion, on your ideals.

Stop putting yourself, your happiness, your surroundings first and start thinking even bigger. Forget the self. Kill that ego. Learn to compromise on happiness. Stop being selfish. No one ever took anything with them to the graves and neither will we, except for our deeds. Again, as I have written before, know your role models and your role in life will become clearer. Read about them. About their time and the trials they faced. What they did in a 24 hour period. And start doing them. Did they just care for themselves? Or did they make sure that their neighbors’ ate food and only then did they fill their stomachs. If every Muslim/human starts taking responsibility and start playing their role then there won’t be girls like the one mentioned in the beginning of the post.

Taking responsibility:

And finally I will round this post up by talking about responsibilities. We are living at a time where giving excuses and finger pointing someone else and blaming them has become the norm. For things to change, take responsibility. Mother Teresa, very wisely quoted that if all of us cleaned our doorsteps, the world would be a beautiful place. Take responsibility. Do your bit, even if it is less. Actions that are consistent will bring results, for sure.

Finally, I do realize that it is easier said than done. Whenever I write a blog post, it is first and foremost for me, than before someone else. We have all lived quite eventful lives, and it is time to learn from our mistakes and be our very best so that the world is a better place to stay.

I will just summarize what this whole post has been about: Know your roles, choose your role models wisely, learn about your role models, clarify your roles, don’t shun your responsibilities, and always put others before self and strive to do more than what is expected out of you. 

Mohammad Yasin 27th January 2012



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