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My dearest friend Josna wrote a piece for me recently.  I have known her since class 3 at school. We are best friends, it’s only  now that we are geographically far. She is in Bangladesh as of now but resides in U.A.E. while I am in Pakistan.  

So far away… 

It is much the same everywhere,
the shining sun, the glowing moon.
And the countless stars I gaze at.

Almost everyone is here,
uncle, aunt, cousins, nieces and so on.
But I can’t find the peace I had.

On occasions I meet people,
who have loads to say.
Wish there was someone to listen to me instead.

Sometimes I sit talking to myself,
coz I know no one’s there to listen.
And most nights I lay crying on my bed.

Somehow I hope I could stop this pain,
that jabs at my heart & then the soul too.
This pain of being away from you, my friend.

Written by:  Josna 15th February 2012

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My Mask

I wake up in the morning and wear a mask as my covering.

(After that) I smile, even with my eyes. In this fake world no one notices, it’s a lie.

Wearing my mask, allows my heart to become shielded so that there’s no hurt detected.

I talk, I laugh, I socialize. I listen to people criticize.

Living simple and being yourself is out of style, so I wear a mask all the while.

At night, before going to sleep, I remove my mask (damaged by now). I repair it for tomorrow.

I go to sleep being myself assuming that mayb I am one of those who just donnot know how to live.

Najma Aijaz

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