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As said in my earlier posts, I have lived in U.A.E. for many years, which means I had the privilege to meet people from various different nationalities.

Once I was with my friends at the DubaiCreekPark when we came across an elderly couple from U.K. They were tourists and since it was winter at that time they were loving the weather (because the winter in U.A.E. is like the summer in U.K.).

We talked about places in U.A.E. and some known places in U.K. which me and my friends knew from the stories we read at school (At that time I hadn’t been to U.K.).

Then our conversation went to the differences in our lifestyles. They said their son and daughter in law live in a house with one son, who’s very cute. But it’s not like it is in most Asian countries where after retirement, parents stay with their kids. They said it’s very unlikely that their daughter in law would tolerate them for more than a week. And they said, most of their time is spent in travelling. Their next stop being Thailand. They complained about the teenage girls being pregnant in U.K. and overall the lifestyle of the youngsters over there. I and my friends were a little shocked as we thought that the European people preferred this way of living. They preferred to stay on their own.

Anyways, when I went to DubaiPharmacyCollege after some years. There were teachers from Pakistan, India, U.K., France etc. We were sitting in the college’s cafe and again a similar debate started. But this time the teacher from U.K. got emotional, stood up and said: ‘I bet none of you people staying away from your parents call them everyday. Well, let me tell you, I call my mom every single day’.

Plus, the Indian teacher told us about how even in our countries we see numerous cases where the people tell their parents to get out of the house. Even here in Pakistan every once in a while there’s a case being shown on telly where they show parents living in Edhi.

So, I don’t really think we should pinpoint people from specific nation and say they don’t love their parents as much!  The kids that do love their parents will show care towards them in their own way and those who don’t, won’t. (regardless of where they are from).

Najma Aijaz


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In the beginning when I started my blog I was unsure about what it would be about. But not anymore! I have updated my page:

I am 21 years old girl from Pakistan. I have been born and brought in U.A.E. and recently shifted here. Firstly I am experiencing how it feels like to live in one’s own country rather than being an expatriate.

I like writing so I thought writing a blog would be a great idea! I like to write about different places and their cultures ( I have met people and have friends from various countries during my time in U.A.E.) Plus I like to write about places I have traveled.

Next, I enjoy writing about love, family and relationships as, each relationship nurtures a strength or a weakness with us (Mike Murdock). 

Lastly, I want to do show through my blog how talented and capable the youth of my country, Pakistan is. This is important to me. 

Just in case someone wants to know, Eimaan is an Arabic word which means faith. I was thinking of the name for my blog and asked my mom too. Suddenly we both said Eimaan together at once… and so your most welcome to eimaan.wordpress.com 

Blogger: Najma Aijaz. 

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Since childhood, every year I used to visit the Global village with my family. It was held every February as the weather at that time of the year in Dubai is cool and breezy, ideal for strolling in an open area.

For those who aren’t aware of what global village is:

Since there are people from many nationalities living in the U.A.E. there are  merchandises from different countries at the many national pavilions in Global Village.  Other than that there are breathtaking live performances, mouth-watering cuisine and authentic handicrafts,  thrilling rides, games and firework displays, to complete ones visit.

We lived in Fujairah, which is a 2 hour drive from Dubai. So I remember waking up at about 11 on a Friday for Friday prayers then getting ready to go to Global Village which opened at 4 p.m. Almost every time we reached on time because we had to go back to Fujairah too.

Firstly we used to head straight towards Pakistani pavilion, being Pakistanis, for food (as the clothes and accessories over there were ones we had already seen and  bought from Pakistan on our vacations.) I was proud that people shopped for marbles and clothes from Pakistan’s pavilion.  Each country’s pavilion demonstrates it’s culture:

Pakistani Pavilion

Indian Pavilon

Outside the African pavilion

Our next stop used to be the Indian pavilion because of it’s desi songs and dances. Then we used to head towards Chinese, Singaporean, Sri lankan (I insisted because those days my best friend was Sri Lankan), Japan, Syria, Jordan, Malaysia for shopping. There were scarfs, home items, and very many unique things. Like, there used to be a locket which had a grain of rice with our name on it. The man at the shop used to write whatever we asked for and placed the rice in a transparent locket. I don’t know what it’s called though. Some kind of calligraphy perhaps? 

Chinese pavilion

Towards the end we used to walk through the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia,Iraq, U.K., Kenya, France, Vietnam’s pavilions, not really with the intention of buying anything just plain sight seeing.

Our last stop used to be the rides section.

When we grew up I got to go twice to the Global Village in a year. One with my family and the other with my friends. Those days there wasn’t any entry fees so it was an ideal place for school-goers and teens. I remember I went with all of my 30 classmates and we wore our sunglasses at 10 p.m (we thought we looked cool and different :)).  No, I’m not being immature, I’m having fun. You should try it 😛 (Anonymous) 

  In the next post I will post more pictures of the Global Village taken by my dearest friend, Ayisha from Ayisha.i.photography.

Najma Aijaz, 2nd April, 2012

Fun. It’s this crazy thing where people smile and laugh and are generally pleased. I could have sworn I saw you smile at least once. 🙂  (Aggy Bird quote)

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Pir-e-Kamil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Umera Ahmed is one the most famous Pakistani writers. I am a big fan of her stories. Many of her books have been shown on T.V. as soaps. Personally my most favourite book of hers is Peer e Kamil (SAW) and my favorite soap, written by her is Dur re Shehwar (from Hum T.V.)

I have read English books all my life and I cherish those times of reading. Since I have moved to Pakistan I get to read story books in Urdu as well. It’s totally a new experience and I am loving it. This is because the books written by Pakistan authors have stories that I relate to, at times.

Just like the story of Duur re shehwar for example, it’s a story of how daughters think that  their dad IS the most lovable man in this world (no doubt he is) but sometimes when they get married they start comparing their husbands with their fathers. They think about how their fathers took care of their every need without reconsidering anything while their husbands may not be like that. It’s a beautiful story with amazing dialogues and cast.

Duur re shehwar

Najma Aijaz, 31st March 2012

Umera Ahmed has posted information which new script writers may find it helpful:

By Umera Ahmed: 

A lot of young writers have been writing to me for seeking some advice on their scripts. Some need help in approaching a particular channel or director. Then there are those who want me to work on their storylines and ideas or help them write a script.

It is not possible for me to read and give feeedback on your scripts( don’t get heartbroken,plz). I am also unable to offer you any help as far as writing a script is concerned( scriptwriting can’t be learnt in a day or two). There are many books in the market that will help you better than my councelling or advice. NCA and NAPA are conducting scriptwriting courses and workshops on a regular basis now. Getting yourself enroled for one such courses would indeed benefit you.I generally do not work on others’ ideas but I am open to reading them and I don’t mind if you send them to me just for the sake of sharing.

However, I would still like to help you get your first break. So let me be a facilitator and streamline the whole procedure for you. I am providing you with the email addresses of some of the top directors and producers alongwith the content managers of the major entertainment channels. I have informed them about this thread and have requested them to give you a quick feedback on your oneliners/scripts.

Write a oneliner/synopsis/summary of your story alongwith a cover letter containing some info about yourself and your contact details and email it to the person you want to work with.

My personal recommendations….

Those who are interested in writing telefilms should send their ideas to ARY, TV One, Hum TV, Mehreen Jabbar and Abdullah Kadwani. For serials you can write to Abdullah Kadwani, Babar Javed or Momina Duraid .

1 Abdullah Kadwani ak@7thsky.biz 7th Sky Entertainment

2 Aamra aamra.s@hum.tv Hum TV

3 Asghar Mirza miim72@yahoo.com TV ONE

4 Atif Hussain atifhussain23@hotmail.com Individual

5 Babar Javed babarjawaid@hotmail.com AB Productions

6 Erum Shahid erum@arydigital.tv ARY

7 Faysal Manzoor faysalmanzoor@hotmail.com 7th Sky

8 Haissam Hussain haissam100@hotmail.com Individual

9 Haseeb Hassan haseeb.hasan@geo.tv Geo TV

10 Mehreen Jabbar mj@mehreenjabbar.com Individual

11 Momina Duraid mominaduraid@gmail.com Moomal Productions/Hum TV

12 Samreen Noman samreen.nauman@arydigital.tv ARY

13 Saife Hassan saifehasan@yahoo.com Individual

14 Shahid Bhanji shbhanji@gmail.com Hum TV

15 Sarmad Khoosat sarmadkhoosat@gmail.com Individual

I thank all my directors, producers and channel representatives for their positive and prompt response.

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The debate about whether to study in co-education or not is a question many students face in Pakistan. I wonder why is it such a big question anyway. This topic is talked about many times at colleges for debate competitions. I find it quite irritating (as there are so many other interesting topics for debates). I mean I never considered this issue when I was thinking about which university to join. The students here may have their reasons.  But personally I don’t really see this a  ‘big’ issue to consider when opting for a university. This debate has been going on for quite a while now.

 Every now and then when I come across someone going to join a uni. they have this ‘decision’ to make among many others. All I think students should look for is good quality education. And they can have fun in either of the systems. 

single gender college


Najma Aijaz, 28th March 2012

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‘The Monal is situated at a great place. The quality of food served is good and it is worth the price they quote. This is an excellent place for people who want some isolation away from the hustle of Islamabad city. It is best to visit the place for dinner. The view at night is definitely enjoyable and you feel good while having your food ‘:  Rabia T

The Best place, not only to dine out with evening city lights but to do a wonderful brunch on Sundays as well with pristine Margalla landscapes around. Food is very consistent and delicious: Ali H. 

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Tired of roaming in endless shops and still not finding the perfect gift…not finding the perfect Accessoryto go with your oh so beautiful dress….not finding what u really want or were expecting to get….

Roam and look no further….R. A. Creation’z gives you the ultimate solution!
I always liked having hand-made products for myself so I was really excited when I saw what R.A. Creation’z has to offer: http://racreationz.shutterfly.com/ Even if you don’t plan on buying anything. It’s still worth it to have a ‘look’ at some of the products: 
ImageColor me spring collection
‘You can browse for accessories, gifts, home decor and order the exact item you want and can get it customized to your own personal taste…all from the comfort of your home!!!’
Note the product name and call or sms on 0321-2037175 to place an order
Through TCS (Additional Charges depending on the order) 
Najma Aijaz, 25th March 2012

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