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Pir-e-Kamil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Umera Ahmed is one the most famous Pakistani writers. I am a big fan of her stories. Many of her books have been shown on T.V. as soaps. Personally my most favourite book of hers is Peer e Kamil (SAW) and my favorite soap, written by her is Dur re Shehwar (from Hum T.V.)

I have read English books all my life and I cherish those times of reading. Since I have moved to Pakistan I get to read story books in Urdu as well. It’s totally a new experience and I am loving it. This is because the books written by Pakistan authors have stories that I relate to, at times.

Just like the story of Duur re shehwar for example, it’s a story of how daughters think that  their dad IS the most lovable man in this world (no doubt he is) but sometimes when they get married they start comparing their husbands with their fathers. They think about how their fathers took care of their every need without reconsidering anything while their husbands may not be like that. It’s a beautiful story with amazing dialogues and cast.

Duur re shehwar

Najma Aijaz, 31st March 2012

Umera Ahmed has posted information which new script writers may find it helpful:

By Umera Ahmed: 

A lot of young writers have been writing to me for seeking some advice on their scripts. Some need help in approaching a particular channel or director. Then there are those who want me to work on their storylines and ideas or help them write a script.

It is not possible for me to read and give feeedback on your scripts( don’t get heartbroken,plz). I am also unable to offer you any help as far as writing a script is concerned( scriptwriting can’t be learnt in a day or two). There are many books in the market that will help you better than my councelling or advice. NCA and NAPA are conducting scriptwriting courses and workshops on a regular basis now. Getting yourself enroled for one such courses would indeed benefit you.I generally do not work on others’ ideas but I am open to reading them and I don’t mind if you send them to me just for the sake of sharing.

However, I would still like to help you get your first break. So let me be a facilitator and streamline the whole procedure for you. I am providing you with the email addresses of some of the top directors and producers alongwith the content managers of the major entertainment channels. I have informed them about this thread and have requested them to give you a quick feedback on your oneliners/scripts.

Write a oneliner/synopsis/summary of your story alongwith a cover letter containing some info about yourself and your contact details and email it to the person you want to work with.

My personal recommendations….

Those who are interested in writing telefilms should send their ideas to ARY, TV One, Hum TV, Mehreen Jabbar and Abdullah Kadwani. For serials you can write to Abdullah Kadwani, Babar Javed or Momina Duraid .

1 Abdullah Kadwani ak@7thsky.biz 7th Sky Entertainment

2 Aamra aamra.s@hum.tv Hum TV

3 Asghar Mirza miim72@yahoo.com TV ONE

4 Atif Hussain atifhussain23@hotmail.com Individual

5 Babar Javed babarjawaid@hotmail.com AB Productions

6 Erum Shahid erum@arydigital.tv ARY

7 Faysal Manzoor faysalmanzoor@hotmail.com 7th Sky

8 Haissam Hussain haissam100@hotmail.com Individual

9 Haseeb Hassan haseeb.hasan@geo.tv Geo TV

10 Mehreen Jabbar mj@mehreenjabbar.com Individual

11 Momina Duraid mominaduraid@gmail.com Moomal Productions/Hum TV

12 Samreen Noman samreen.nauman@arydigital.tv ARY

13 Saife Hassan saifehasan@yahoo.com Individual

14 Shahid Bhanji shbhanji@gmail.com Hum TV

15 Sarmad Khoosat sarmadkhoosat@gmail.com Individual

I thank all my directors, producers and channel representatives for their positive and prompt response.

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