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 One Summer Night, there was a boy sitting on the shore.
He just needed privacy and didn’t ask for more.

He was in despair, so he smoked cigarette after cigarette.
According to him only rich people got the credit.

“My work in never recognised and I am never appreciated. In this big bad world, I will die depreciated.”

Screeechh went a lavish new Mazda 6 on the road.
It was travelling fast with a loud music: ‘Life’s swaying like a boat.’

Observing this the boy was now in agony.
“Why can’t I be in that place and have all the pleasures of living.”

” I am now the owner of the new Mazda 6. But can we really find pleasures in such things?!
I was an orphan who wished to have a family but now even my husband and kids left me. What else would I want now, being a divorcee?

Thinking that maybe this would bring a halt to her miserable thoughts, the woman went to a small ice-cream parlour. There she saw a girl, about 5 years, a bit obese.
Holding her daddy’s hand, she went from counter to counter searching for a best ice-cream.
The woman, teary eyed,wished for being in the girl’s place and holding her daddy’s hand. Being with the loved ones to the woman, was one of the real joys of life.

The young girl was finding it so difficult to choose any one ice-cream for herself. If only she could be in the place of the ice-cream guy (salesman) she could have got to eat many ice-creams everyday of her life. The child mused to herself and smiled.

The other side of the grass seems always more green right :)? 

Najma Aijaz  15/07/2009

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