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A few weeks back my friend, Sania, and I were preparing for our exams that were held in December. We started talking about how our life’s gotten so boring because of these exams. In the middle of the conversation, Sania decided to let everything we feel be expressed, that is, all our frustrations and anxieties. So we continued about how exams take over our life and we get little of anything else to do. In short, we were complaining uselessly until I said to Sania that do you know what?! I even missed the bus the other day for class. It was then that we both started laughing as we¬†realized¬†what we were actually doing! One thing led to another and after 10 minutes we were laughing our heads off and the moment turned out to become a memorable one for me.


Najma Aijaz

Sunday 15th 2012

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