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A Sense of Belonging

I lived all my life in U.A.E. I was born in U.A.E. and lived there until July 27th 2011. I miss everything about it (obviously). I miss my childhood, my school days, my friends, Fujairah corniche, roaming about in Dubaimall, drinking tea at Dhaid. You name it and I will say I cherish that in U.A.E.

However,  I feel different here. I didn’t feel this way in U.A.E. or any other place I have travelled.

I feel a sense of belonging here. As if,  I never belonged there and I belong here. These are my people and this place is mine. No matter where I travel in the world and for how long, I would come back here.  I didn’t feel this back in U.A.E.

Najma Aijaz

Friday, January 13, 2012

Letting go of what I don’t need to carry: grudges, worries and scars of the past.

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No tears are left to cry,
my eyes have now become dry.
They killed my family,
killed my friends.
And to us help no one lends,
what to do?
Where to go?
All dreams are shattered,
all hopes are now destroyed.
Selfish is mankind,
gaining the worldly pleasures,
being it’s only aim.

Najma Aijaz
I wrote this when I was 15. I was trying to make it a habit to read newspaper daily but coz there was so much written about violence especially during those couple of days that i was urged to write this.

A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child (Anonymous)

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My Mask

I wake up in the morning and wear a mask as my covering.

(After that) I smile, even with my eyes. In this fake world no one notices, it’s a lie.

Wearing my mask, allows my heart to become shielded so that there’s no hurt detected.

I talk, I laugh, I socialize. I listen to people criticize.

Living simple and being yourself is out of style, so I wear a mask all the while.

At night, before going to sleep, I remove my mask (damaged by now). I repair it for tomorrow.

I go to sleep being myself assuming that mayb I am one of those who just donnot know how to live.

Najma Aijaz

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 One Summer Night, there was a boy sitting on the shore.
He just needed privacy and didn’t ask for more.

He was in despair, so he smoked cigarette after cigarette.
According to him only rich people got the credit.

“My work in never recognised and I am never appreciated. In this big bad world, I will die depreciated.”

Screeechh went a lavish new Mazda 6 on the road.
It was travelling fast with a loud music: ‘Life’s swaying like a boat.’

Observing this the boy was now in agony.
“Why can’t I be in that place and have all the pleasures of living.”

” I am now the owner of the new Mazda 6. But can we really find pleasures in such things?!
I was an orphan who wished to have a family but now even my husband and kids left me. What else would I want now, being a divorcee?

Thinking that maybe this would bring a halt to her miserable thoughts, the woman went to a small ice-cream parlour. There she saw a girl, about 5 years, a bit obese.
Holding her daddy’s hand, she went from counter to counter searching for a best ice-cream.
The woman, teary eyed,wished for being in the girl’s place and holding her daddy’s hand. Being with the loved ones to the woman, was one of the real joys of life.

The young girl was finding it so difficult to choose any one ice-cream for herself. If only she could be in the place of the ice-cream guy (salesman) she could have got to eat many ice-creams everyday of her life. The child mused to herself and smiled.

The other side of the grass seems always more green right :)? 

Najma Aijaz  15/07/2009

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Walk towards…

I am walking:

slowly and graciously away from darkness and defeat

along with people who are new to me


with my eyes not looking at what I am leaving behind

away from darkness, towards light

towards love, loving what’s good for me

towards happiness.

Najma Aijaz

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Welcome to eimaan.wordpress.com.

Eimaan means faith in arabic. I love this word as the name of my blog.

I am happy that finally I did what I  wanted to do since quite some time, that is,  to have a blog of my own where I could express freely. yippiee 

At first I was a little hesitant. I mean I had my doubts about how people will react to this or whether they will even read my blog. But this isn’t why I wanted to have a blog in the first place. The reason I write and will continue to write is for myself.

Comments and criticisms from people will be appreciated.


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